About us

Little Miracle Health Shop, situated in Kimberley provides a range of products and supplements, that are natural, organic and 100% healthy.

The list of supplements include: vitamins, minerals, amino acids, dried herbs, herbal teas, tissue salts, tinctures as well as essential oils.

The shop stocks products from varying ranges which include: Solgar, Tones Platinum, Natura, A.Vogel, Nutriherb, Aloe Ferox, Nature’s Choice, Health Connection, Phyto Force, Homeoforce and Multiforce to name only a few.

The shop has been part of the Kimberley community for more than 15 years and changed owners, but still provide the same friendly, personal service.

We strive to listen to customers, search for new or specialized products, based on the customers’ needs.

We believe that by using a good quality supplement (Solgar) you can stay health and enjoy life.

This business was originally started by Joey Ludwick, then bought by Susan Markram and then me, Retha Hewitt.

If you need any help choosing a product or have any questions, please do contact us.