Quercetin Complex (100)



Quercetin is highly concentrated in apples,onions(especially red onions),and green tea . It is also in red grapes,citrus fruit,tomato,broccolie,leafy greens,cherries,raspberries,cranberries and many other fruits and vegetables.

Quercetin is a strong antioxidant,with anti-allergy,anti-viral and gastro-protective activity.

Quercetin is especiallu effective for allergy symptom overload, because it stabilizes mast cell membranes and prevents the release of histamine and other inflammatory agents.

Due to its antioxidant effect,quercetin can inhibit inflammatory processes ,mediated by leukotrienes ,hyaluronidase (collagen-destroying enzymes )and lysosomal enzymes (promoters of localized inflammation).


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